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Meeting Our New Neighbor

Quatchi (No, this isn't the new neighbor.)

We received a package yesterday from Riley.  The package contained a letter for each of his sisters.  It also contained a couple of items he has bought or received and didn’t want to pack around for the next 18 months, as well as a very odd little stuffed animal that he found in his old apartment and thought Madi would like.  After Googling this strange little creature, I realized I must be rather out of touch, as it appears to be a mascot for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics named Quatchi.  In any event, Madi was delighted with her new pal and cannot wait to take it to school next week for Show and Tell.

In his letter to Delaney, Riley shared a story about a new investigator:

Korean Taco

Saturday, we got a knock at the door.  It was a short Asian lady who took a pass-along card that was hanging on our door.  She said she just moved in and wanted to know where our church was and what time it started.  The next day, she was there!  We were impressed.  Anyway, yesterday, we pulled up to our apartment just as she did (she lives next door).  She asked us for help, so we helped her and found out that she is from South Korea.  She invited us over for dinner for some Korean food.  It was really good.  She cooked us a Korean Taco, I guess you could say.  You take a square of seaweed, put some rice in it, then a slice of cucumber, egg, avocado, and pickled radish.  Then you add soy sauce, wrap it and eat it.  It was actually really good.  Then, we taught her the first lesson.  Her English is okay, but not perfect.  At times it’s hard to communicate with her, but that’s what the Spirit is for.

Just two  more days until Elder Peper gets to call home and speak with the family.  We are all very excited!  He’s got a new address that I will be happy to share with anyone who asks.  The address listed here in the blog also works, but may delay mail by a day or so.  However, slow mail is better than no mail!


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Don’t Knock It ‘Till You Try It

I’m thinking of starting a Category for Missionary Recipes.  I’m sure with this entry you all will be so excited about the offerings that you will be clamoring for more.  Our first featured recipe from Elder Peper & Co. is as follows:


1 Package Beef Ramen

2 Eggs

1 Sausage Patty

Shredded Cheddar Cheese

Place ramen in boiling water for 10-15 seconds to slightly soften.  Slice ramen noodle block in half the long way.  Break eggs into bowl and stir in beef powder packet from ramen package.  Scramble eggs.  Heat sausage patty and lay patty on one half of Ramen block, add scrambled eggs, sprinkle cheddar cheese, and top with second ramen block.  Enjoy!  Elder Peper comments that this is very delicious! And added, “Don’t knock it ’till you try it.”

Please feel free to include your comments begging for more delicious recipes like this so that I can encourage the Elders to continue to photograph and offer up there fabulous concoctions.

In other news, Elder Peper says that things are still going very well.  They have a baptism scheduled for April 24 and their transfer date is April 28.  Riley mentioned that he is feeling ready for a change and would like to be transferred.  We will not find out until April 27 whether he is staying or going.  In the meantime, the work continues.

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