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Things are going good still here. Saturday, the tempurature was almost 70, and yesterday I don’t think it got out of the 30s. Today it’s supposed to be rainy and in the 40s, so that should be awesome for soccer! I love playing soccer in the rain!

We are teaching some really cool people here. This is the perfect ward to finish a mission in. I was thinking the other day: I really don’t want to get transferred to another area, and start all over, so this is really the perfect place to finish. If all goes well, there is a lady who should get baptized this Saturday. She is one of the coolest people I’ve ever met. I’m excited for all of the stuff going on here.

Let’s see…I’m really not too sure what else to say. I’m excited to see you guys…SUPER excited. Which I am scared to say, because some people around here tell missionaries how to feel . . .”You shouldn’t be excited to go home. Don’t you like being on a mission? How can you possibly want to see your family?” That doesn’t make sense…

Really though, things are going great. I really am going to miss being a missionary and the people in Oklahoma, and serving the Lord. But I’m excited to see you guys! And for snow….
See you in a bit! 🙂

Elder Peper


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