Elder Peper

My Mission Experience


Hi Everyone!

Well, this week has been pretty straightforward as far as teaching is concerned. We have some really cool investigators, so that’s always a plus. So, there have been 3 earthquakes in the past couple of days. The first one was like a 4.3 and the next one, I thought was an aftershock, was actaully a 5.4 in a different location, it was at about 11 PM on Saturday. That was pretty cool. People in our apartment complex were freaking out. lol. Elder Callahan and I were laughing at our neighbor. He came outside yelling, “Do you want to die!? Then get outside!” Haha. People are weird. You couldn’t make a call for a while after the earthquake because the network was jammed. The whole situation was pretty comical. There is no fear in Oklahoma as far as tornados go. People stand on their porches and tape tornadoes from 100 feet away, but the ground shakes a little bit and you’d think it was 2012. There was also a 4.0 that morning in a different spot, but the only one that I felt was the 5.4. Those three plus the earthquake near Norman last year makes 4 earthquakes since I’ve been in Oklahoma. I heard that the 5.4 cracked some buildings and “buckled a highway,” whatever that means.

Well, that’s about all of the excitment that I’ve got for you. I really don’t know what else to talk about. Our investigators are doing good, and we are constantly looking for more. The University ward is really excited about missionary work, so that’s awesome. I am loving it here in Edmond. Can’t wait to see you guys though! Love you tons!

Elder Peper


November 7, 2011 - Posted by | Letters from Elder Peper

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