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Last Transfer!

Well, we got transfer calls last night for my LAST TRANSFER! I can’t believe it. I will be staying right here in Edmond. President Taylor told me that he would like me to stay and finish up here, which I am really excited about. Elder Callahan will be staying with me for another transfer, so by the end of it, he will have been the longest companion that I’ve had on my mission.

We had a baptism this past weekend for a really awesome guy. That was very exciting. We have another couple scheduled…one in a couple of weeks and one in December. We’ll see how they pan out. The investigators that we are teaching are doing really well. The members are really good at reaching out and fellowshipping those who are new. It is a really cool thing to see. Oh, I am not going to be District Leader this transfer either, which is kind of nice. It was good, but a bunch of extra work. They have asked Elder Goodrich to be the District Leader here in Edmond, so that will be cool. He’s an awesome guy.

Not too much else to report. The weather is getting tons better, so I am very thankful for that. In fact, it has been very awesome. It is still as random as ever, but not over 100 :). Last week he had mostly 70s. Today and tomorrow are mid 80s, and then 60s and 50s, then back up to 80s. Crazy stuff. I’m looking into classes for the U. I was thinking of taking a Digital Photography class for my fine art credit. I think that would be fun. Other than that, I think I can get the rest of my generals taken care of in a semester, I don’t know for sure though. I need 15 more credit hours of generals, it looks like.

Well, that’s all I’ve got. I’m so excited to see you guys…not too much longer either! Take care! Love you tons!

Elder Peper


October 24, 2011 - Posted by | Letters from Elder Peper

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