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Letter to Dad

Hey Dad!

It sounds like you are really busy, but that you are doing a very good job. Glad to hear that everything is going well for you. It seems really amazing how much the Lord can organize our time for us if we are willing to do what he asks. I can’t believe you have the time for work, bishop stuff, and to go biking with Madi. That is really cool. I am glad to hear that everything is coming along nicely. You really haven’t been to Indiana since we’ve moved? You can eat Steak N’ Shake and White Castle. Haha. We have a Steak N’ Shake here in Edmond, and we go all of the time. It is pretty awesome. Everyone loves it!


Oh, something cool that I forgot to mention last week, is that I was able to go down to Lawton, OK on Saturday and Sunday to go to Ft. Sill. It was really awesome.  We have a church service on base there and then we split off into groups and the missionaries teach the missionary lessons to a group of soldiers there by ourselves, which is weird. I taught the 3rd lesson, so I had a smaller group, but there were 2 different first lessons with like 20 people in each group. It was pretty fun. I had a really good time. It was a good experience. Those soldiers are pretty miserable going through basic training, so I think that church is pretty much the highlight of their week.


Let’s see. Things are going great. We have a baptism this weekend which was slated for 2 PM, but rescheduled for 5 because the OU/Texas game is at noon, and that’s a pretty big deal here. Haha. So, we are super excited for that.


We had a few investigators watch conference this weekend. One of them watched it with a few friends from the ward. I asked her how she liked it and she said, “I’m speechless…I think my life has changed.” That was pretty cool to hear. So, yeah. Things are going well.


Take care!



Elder Peper


October 3, 2011 - Posted by | Letters from Elder Peper

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