Elder Peper

My Mission Experience

A Little Overwhelmed


Things are going good. It’s been hard lately. I feel overwhelmed a lot between having the responsibilities of a District Leader and training a new missionary. It’s hard, but I’m handling it okay I think. I don’t like being overwhelmed at all, but I know that it’s good for me. I’m not too trunky though, I just feel weighed down, and like I just have to deal with it for a few more months and then I’ll be free from it, but I know that’s not the right outlook. We are still working really hard though. I’ve learned something this past week: the harder that you work, the harder Satan works on you. That sucks really bad, let me just say. I hate it, and it is difficult for me to find happiness at times, but I find it.

I am excited to go mountain biking and as well as, of course, snowboarding. I would like to take the bikes up to Rossland, which is supposed to be amazing. (Moab at some point too would rock!) I am excited for college and stuff as well, but I am still working hard. Don’t you worry!

Well, sounds like things are going pretty good for you guys back home. Those pictures from your trip were just awesome! I would’ve loved to be there. Well, take care and have a good week!

Elder Peper


August 15, 2011 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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  1. You will look back on this and realize that it was now when you made the most growth on your mission. Know that we love you and prayer for you every day. gm & gp B

    Comment by M. E. Barrus | August 15, 2011 | Reply

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