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Record Heat


This summer in Oklahoma is on track to be the hottest summer ON RECORD! We have already had 43 or so days of 100 degrees or hotter and the record is 50…I think when it’s all said and done we’ll have beaten that for sure. It’s supposed to be 109 today, breaking the previous record of 106. Can you believe that? It ridiculous. I was looking at your awesome pictures of your vacation and noticed the snow-capped mountains. I couldn’t remember what season it was for a minute. Then I remembered, it’s 109 outside. The A/C in our apartment is really good, so we stay really cool at night. It’s not good, though, when the low get’s to about 80 or 85.

We are having really good teaching experiences. We have some really cool investigators who have been progressing really well. I am excited for that! Yeah, I can’t really complain. Things have been going really well. I was stressed out a ton this week, but that’s pretty normal when you are showing a greenie the ropes. It happened last time I trained as well. All is well now, though. Today should be a good P-Day. We’re going to play some soccer at the church. I’m really excited for that. I love it. I’ve gotten a little better on my mission at it, too. We’ve been playing quite a lot. Well, at least here and in Norman. I’m having a blast. My companion is named Elder Callahan and he’s from West Jordan and fresh out of the MTC.  He is really shy, which is a bummer because he is one of the smartest new missionaries I’ve met. He knows scriptures left and right. He knows exactly what he is teaching, it’s just hard to get him to do it. We’re working on it, though. He is going to be a great missionary!

Well love you tons! Glad you had fun on the coast. Just so you know I am really jealous that you guys had all that fun without me. Oh well. I guess I’m having tons of fun here without you.

Elder Peper

Elder Callahan


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