Elder Peper

My Mission Experience

Independence Day 2011


It was good to hear from home. Sounds like everyone is having a great time, and it sounds like things are going awesome back home, as usual. I’m pretty sick of the weather here. This past June was the hottest June on record for Oklahoma City and you can tell. There hasn’t been much rain and it’s been hot. The wind has been described as a constant blow dryer in your face. I would love some 80 degree weather about now, I hope you don’t take that awesome weather for granted. It looks like it is going to be over 100 for the next two weeks. Hopefully, I will be alive by the time September hits. We shall see.

I do like Edmond a ton, though. The people are pretty awesome, and it’s pretty as well. We are working with some pretty awesome investigators as well. We figured out that the bus system in Edmond is free, so we have been taking advantage of that quite a bit lately. It gets us out of the heat and everything, so that’s awesome. It also takes us down to Oklahoma City for free, which in part is in our ward boundaries. It helps us out a lot.

So, yesterday was the 4th of July. President Taylor said that we could all stay out and watch the fireworks show. The University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond was the location of the fireworks show. I guess CNN and USA Today rated this fireworks show in the top 10 places to be for the Fourth of July in the country. It was honestly the coolest fireworks show I think I have ever seen. It was awesome and the finale was amazing. I cant’ describe why…just tons of explosions I guess. We sat SUPER close to where they launched them, and we have all kinds of ash and debris from the fireworks raining on us. It was pretty awesome. I enjoyed myself.

Well, that’s about all I have to share. Love you tons! Stop being so trunky, Mom!

Elder Peper

P.S. My address is 909 N. Kennedy #203 Edmond, OK 73134

Elder Peper and Companion Elder Burnett (??)


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