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Photos: Last week in Altus

On our last P-Day in Altus, our ward mission leader took us on the C-17. It was SWEET!



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Well, I’m out of Altus and on to the next adventure in Edmond. I’m in another bike area which will be really good for me, but this week sucks! I’ve never been so tired. I remember when I went to Norman, it took a while to get adjusted, but at least that was in September and not almost July. Also, biking here is a bit more challenging than Norman because Norman was flat and Edmond has quite a bit of hills through the city. (Speaking of which, I cannot believe that it is already almost July. That is simply ridiculous!)

I like Edmond a lot already. The ward is really cool. It’s quite huge actually. Well, we cover two wards. We cover the Edmond 1st ward and the UCO University ward, so we have a lot of church each Sunday, but it’s good. P-Days will be good here as well because we have more missionaries to do stuff with. I think that we’re going to play some sand volleyball today. Elder Burnett and I have been waking up at 5:30 or 5:45 every morning to either go play tennis or sand volleyball. It is hard getting up that early, but I think that it’s worth it.

On Saturday, the Oklahoma City Stake had a stake service project where we went up to Piedmont to help with some tornado clean up. The storm was a few weeks ago, and there was some pretty crazy damage over there. We went out with a bunch of trailers to this 60 acre ranch and picked up all kinds of debris: car parts, house parts, fences. All sorts of random stuff that the tornado threw everywhere. It was nuts.

Well, that’s my life for now. I think I’m going to like it here a lot. Take care! Love you guys!

Love, Elder Peper

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Transfers this Week


Things have been a lot better in Altus. I had tons of fun this week, and we had a bunch of good stuff happen. One crazy story that we had was on the way home from temple conference. We were driving on I-44 between Chickasha and Lawton. The sisters were following us, and we had a 3 way call between us, the sisters, and the Duncan Elders. The Duncan Elders were on highway 81, so they weren’t near us. We started seeing some pretty sweet lighting jet accross the sky in front of us. So, I had Elder King take a video, and he got a pretty decent shot of some lightning. Anyway, the weather got progressively worse as we got close to the source of the lightning. At one point we saw a HUGE gray thing sweeping across the freeway. I said, “What the heck is that?” Well, we soon found out as we drove right into it. It was immense amounts of rain, hail, and straight line winds. It was hard to keep the car going straight, and it was even harder to see 10 feet in front of yourself. It was crazy stuff. A bunch of cars on the freeway had pulled over. So we did, and the sisters did as well. We were all kind of sitting there using this hill as a semi-wind blocker. After a couple of minutes Elder King said a prayer on the phone with the sisters, and we waited a few more seconds. The weather cleared up, but just a tad. It was still crazy stuff, but you could see a little bit further. I started to drive and the Sisters followed me. Elder King was a little worried about driving into the storm, but my logic was that it would be safer to drive trough the storm (we were heading southwest) then to wait it out and risk a tornado dropping on top of out tin can of a car. So, we drove through the storm. We had to drive quite slowly actually, but in just a few minutes we were out of the worst of it. And then it was just drizzling through Lawton. That was quite the adventure. Good times!

Well, transfer calls came in last night. I am going to be going to Edmond 1st/ the UCO University ward.My companion is going to be Elder Burnett, who is awesome. I hear it’s a really good area. The coolest thing is that I will be in a district with Elder Rivas again! That is going to be a blast, for sure! Edmond is a suburb of Oklahoma City. It’s on the North side of the city and, from what I hear, a more upscale part of town, so we shall see what missionary work is like there. I’m sure it will be great, I have only heard good things about Edmond.

Well, that is all of my adventures to tell you about this week. I sure am going to miss tons of people here in Altus, but I’ll be back one day, I’m sure. I love you guys, I hope you have a good vacation! Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

Elder Peper

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Monday, June 13

Hey how are things with you? That’s pretty exciting that you get to go on that awesome trip today, I am quite jealous! Things are going okay here in Altus. I’ve been stressed out a lot lately about a lot of different things, and I don’t know how to handle them, and it’s weighing me down pretty good. This has been going on for at least a couple of weeks, and I’m pretty sick of it to tell you the truth. We do have some good stuff going on here, though.
This weeks should be good. We have a Zone P-Day in Lawton with the whole zone today, then we are going to the temple tomorrow for temple conference. That will be super awesome, and I am way excited about that.
I’m not sure what all to say, there really isn’t anything new or of great significance to tell you today. Sorry! I guess it’s just the same old boring stuff to report. Transfers are on June 22, so that’s just over a week away. We get transfer calls on Sunday, so I will be able to let you know what’s going on on Monday next week. My guess is that I will be going to Oklahoma City, I haven’t been in the city yet. We shall have to see, though. We shall see.
Well, love you guys tons!

Elder Peper

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A Better Week


Well last week was pretty bad with the recent convert going anti and stuff. Well, we prayed a lot about it, and a lot of cool things happened. First, we got a text from our Zone Leaders that said, if you guys need 10 more miles, we could give them to you. So, we took them. We decided to go to our appointment on the south end of town. He wasn’t home. Then we went to go see another recent convert, and it just so happened that the amount of time we spent over there was perfect. We drove over to the north side of town to see a member, and we saw the recent convert who went Anti coming down the street. I asked Elder King, “Should we talk to him?” He said, “I don’t know.” So we did. I said, “How’s it going?” To which, we got cussed out pretty good. It was good though, because we learned that he was being anti because of what  someone else was telling him, and we didn’t do anything to make him mad.
Then, we went to see that member we were planning on. When we got home, we got a phone call from the recent convert. He started talking with Elder King and laying into him, to which Elder King simply bore his testimony. The response was pretty cool, “Well, why don’t you guys come over here and we can talk about it.” Here is one of the coolest parts of the story. We only had 3 miles left for the month, and it took 2.8 to get to his house and back. Amazing! We went over there and we didn’t really teach much, but he changed a lot of his attitude because he let the Spirit teach him and testify to him. Every time we see him he is progressing more and more. It’s pretty awesome to see.

That’s the story of the week.

Can you believe less than 3 months and i will be 21!?   And then three more months and that’s it, that’s all. Crazy! Transfers are on June 22, by the way. I think I may be leaving.

I hope you guys are all well, and things. Let me know if you need anything. Love you!

Elder Peper

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