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Hey people!

I am going to start out with a story. It’s not very spiritual this week, but it is pretty cool: There was a pretty significant storm that was coming right for Altus, but ended up kind of bending around the town, so most of the good stuff missed us. However, we were kind of waiting it out. We were at a member’s home, and decided that it was a safe time to leave. So, we got into the car and started to drive away. I looked up in the rear view mirror and just saw a huge wall of gray and wind. I was like, “What the freaking heck was that?” Then it started swirling and coming right at us. It completely engulfed the member’s house and headed down the street right for us. It was nuts! And then it was all over, as quickly as it started. We’re pretty sure it wasn’t a tornado, though. It wasn’t connected with the clouds, and it did no damage. Basically, from the information I’ve gathered, it was an over sized dust devil that occurs sometimes during thunderstorms called gustnados, but I could be wrong. I’m not a meteorologist. Some missionaries in our district got some good pictures of funnel clouds trying to make contact with the ground. They said that they saw one that looked like it hit the ground. The weather here is nuts, and tornado season isn’t quite over yet.

Things are going well in Altus. Elder King is awesome and we are doing great. I remember Dad asking on Mother’s Day about Church HQ referrals (mormon.org, pass along cards, etc.) and I told him that I haven’t had one that worked out. Well, that all changed this past couple of weeks, so now I’m eating my words. There is a family that we are teaching now. Their story is that the husband Googled “free bible” and he ended up on mormon.org. We tried to see them and to call them a few times, with no luck. Sometimes we had a response, but they weren’t really interested in us coming over or anything. About a week later, we got another referral from the same family. We tried a couple more times, and again, no luck. Finally we said that we would go knock on their door one more time and if they didn’t answer, we would have to drop them. So, we did, and they let us right in and we taught them a first lesson. They have a baptismal date for the middle of June right now, and they are awesome. Pretty cool stuff.

We tracted a street yesterday (Sunday) and talked to one person, who wasn’t interested, then the next house we taught a doorstep first lesson and got a new investigator. The whole rest of the street, not one person answered their door. So, I guess we knew why we went to that street yesterday. Oh, I had the privilege of interviewing a baptismal candidate for baptism on Saturday for the first time. That was definitely a very interesting experience. It was really neat, though. I’ve never been on the other side of an interview before.

Well, everything else is going good. Thanks for being the greatest family that has ever lived! I love you guys tons and bunches and 100 pounds! Let me know if you need or want anything from Oklahoma!


Elder Peper


May 23, 2011 - Posted by | Letters from Elder Peper, Photos

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