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My Mission Experience

Spring Break

Hey Everyone!

Sorry, Mom, I wasn’t on to email yesterday.  I sure hope you were out skiing and not waiting for me.  It’s Spring Break here, so the college that we email at was closed.  We went to the public library, but it wasn’t open yet, so we just decided to move on with our day.

We went onto the Air Force Base with a few of the members from the ward here.  It was a blast.  We played some ping pong, then went to the the gym and played some basketball, racket ball, and wallyball.  It was tons of fun.  Then, Elizabeth and Todd (Elizabeth was just baptized) picked us up and took us to Quartz Mountain.  When we got to the trail head, we decided it looked more fun to scale the rocks than to walk the trail.  It was pretty straight forward and not too technical, but it was still really fun.  We took TONS of good pictures on the hike, too.  It was a really good day.

Last week, some really cool stuff happened.  We saw one of our investigators on Wednesday and then I just felt really off for the rest of the day. Finally, I got a blessing from Elder McGill and thought that it would be good to go back and see the investigator again. So, we did.  And it turned out to be a really good visit.  Also, on Friday, we took him on a tour of the church building, which he really liked.  It was really cool just to stand in the chapel for a few minutes.  He commented on how much he could feel the Spirit.

On Saturday, we went to the town of Mangum. We saw a couple of people and tried a couple of potential investigators. On our way back to the car–in fact, we were getting into the car–a lady called to us from her house. She asked if we were Jehovah’s Witness.  I told her, “Nope.”  She said, “Oh, because I was hoping to get a copy of Awake! from them.”  I told her sorry and was about to leave, when Elder McGill (who was listening to the Spirit) said, “Well, we have a book for you.  Would you like it?”  She said that she would like it.  So we gave her a Book of Mormon and explained about it.  Then I asked if we could come in to teach her more.  She said sure and we had a great first lesson.  In fact, we are going back to see her this Saturday.  That was a cool experience.

Well, I’d better let you go.  I sure hope you had fun at Big White.  It sounded like a blast.  Take care.  Love you!


Elder Peper


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