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Altus is doing pretty good. It’s starting to grow on me. The people here are really nice. We have been tracting quite a bit, and everyone has been, at least, polite to us. So, I’m very thankful for that. We have a TON of small towns outside of Altus that we cover as well, and some of those are pretty cool. One is Hobart, OK. It is a nice small town. It reminds me of an Oklahoman version of Colville. It’s nice there.

This week we were tracting and finding a few potential investigators. One instance we weren’t finding anyone when Elder Chronister turned to me and said, “Why is it that it’s always the ‘last house’ where missionaries find someone to teach?” I had never thought about it before, but then I realized that I had heard a ton of “last house” stories before. But, I sort of laughed and shrugged it off. Well, as my obvious foreshadowing would lead you to infer, the last house that we tracted into, a lady answered the door. She had met with missionaries before and had a Book of Mormon and was really interested in us coming back to visit with her, so we’re going to do that this week. It was pretty cool.

Well, not too much else to say…Oh, other than we have a baptism coming up on Sunday. A family of 4 (a mom and her 3 children) are all getting baptized on Sunday. It’s pretty cool and really exciting. We also have quite a few good prospects, so things are going really well here. I’m glad to be here in Altus.

Well, hope you guys are well. Let me know if I can do anything for you. Love you tons! (Call you in a couple of months).

Elder Peper

This week’s photos:

Flat Oklahoma

Elder Chronister

Elder Peper

Elder Peper (2)

Elder Peper 3

Altus Dust Storm

Altus Dust Storm 2


February 28, 2011 - Posted by | Letters from Elder Peper, Photos

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