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Christmas is Making Me Fat

Well, what he actually said was, “Stupid Christmas is making me fat!”  In our communication today, Elder Peper was expressing his joy/frustration at all the wonderful goodies that he has been so generously provided by people in Norman, as well as some that came via his dad and me.  He was complaining that the 10+ pounds he has worked off since he arrived on his mission are quickly piling back on since the Holiday season has begun.  He told me that it would be okay, though, as he would run it off in January.  Then he said that the tradition for missionaries is to eat really well and exercise a lot during their last six months.  They call it the “Six Months to Sexy” plan!

Riley and his companion had a baptism this past Saturday that he was very excited about.  It was a man named Donald who has been working with the missionaries for years and has finally been able to get things in order to make the commitment.  Riley said that it was “awesome.”

Below are some photos that we received.  From the looks of things, Elder Peper may be out converting people to the Gospel, but it appears that OU may be doing a little converting of Elder Peper.  He loves the town of Norman and the University.  I’m pretty sure that the lack of ski areas in Oklahoma will keep him from applying to attend, though.

He tells us that he and the Zone Leaders (he called them the “Zone Lords”) will be having a sleepover on Christmas Eve and then will join the Spanish Missionaries on Christmas morning to open gifts.  He will be calling us around 11 am PT.  We are very excited.

Riley and Elder Rivas at the OU Football Stadium

At Donald's Baptism

Some type of cajun liver.


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