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Thanksgiving was Cool

December 1, 2010

Hey Everyone,

How are things going back in Washington?  Is there still snow on the ground?  I’m kind of hoping for a white Christmas again.  Maybe it will snow a foot on Christmas Eve.  Have you guys been skiing this season yet?  The weather here is always varying.  The day before Thanksgiving was about 80 degrees.  And Thanksgiving’s high was 45 degrees.  President Taylor said we could to to our ward’s Turkey Bowl or have a missionary one.  Our ward didn’t do one, so all of the missionaries here got together and played football.  It was a lot of fun.  I like most of the missionaries that are in Norman.  Our District stayed pretty much the same for transfers.  We got one new missionary in our District, and he’s super cool.  So everyone in my District is cool.

Thanksgiving was really cool.  We went to a cool family’s house and had really good food.  Thanksgiving was really fun; although, the week was really slow because everyone was gone, but it was okay.  We’re going to have another Thanksgiving meal on Friday just for fun.  Elder Egbert bought a turkey and we’re having Spanish bring pies.  Tammy, a member who lives in our apartment complex, said she would make dressing.  I’m making mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce, so it should be fun.

Tomorrow is Temple Conference, so I get to go to the temple tomorrow, which I’m really excited about.  Tomorrow is also my year mark, which I can’t believe.  I wouldn’t be surprised at all to find out that I’ve only been gone for six months.  I think it’s felt really fast, but I’ve still got a way to go, which is good.  I like being here a lot.

Sister Frazier, who got baptized shortly after I got to Burkeburnett, is going to go through the temple in January.  Hopefully, I will get to be there, as well.  That would be awesome.  I miss that family a lot.

Well, I don’t know what else to report to you.  Things are going just fine.  No complaints at all.  Thanks for your letters and love.  Let me know if there is anything you want.  Would you like an OU shirt or something?  Let me know.  I love you and will talk to you on Christmas.


Elder Peper


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