Elder Peper

My Mission Experience


November 18, 2010

Hey People!

Well, transfers are coming up in six days and I have no idea what’s going to happen.  I think it would be cool if Elder Egbert and I both got to stay, but I don’t know if that is going to happen or not.  Elder Palmer, who is one of my Zone Leaders, told me everything that they recommended to President Taylor, but I don’t know how much of that honestly happens.

I can’t believe November is more than halfway over, either.  Things are great here.  We’ve received a lot of referrals this week (from Salt Lake), and they’re all seeming to pan out so far.  A couple of them are single college students, so we’ll need to turn them over to the missionaries in the University Ward.  I’m still pretty excited, though.  Everything seems to be starting to come together.  I hope I get to stay here now.  Before, I was pretty indifferent as to whether I stayed in Norman or left, but now I’d like to stay.

Okay, so you wanted me to answer some questions about the Leadership Training Meeting.  The meetings were held in Moore, OK, which is where the Mission Home is.  We had the meetings at the Stake Center there.  Moore is a suburb of Oklahoma City, and Norman is, as well, so I came back to my apartment every night.  The missionaries who had to travel long distances to get to Moore stay with missionaries who live closer.  While I was gone, my companion, Elder Egbert, was with Elder Endicott and Elder Mudiliar.  When I got home, it was Elder Mudiliar, Elder Egbert and me.  The meetings themselves were long, but one of the coolest experiences that I have ever had.  We learned a lot of stuff and I learned some things that changed my whole perspective on things.  I learned how to recognize certain revelation that I didn’t know I was even entitled to.  For example, recently they have been stressing something called “real-play.”  This is where, instead of just practicing teaching a lesson on your companion, you are supposed to be one of your investigators and try to teach to his or her specific needs.  You are supposed to pause while you wait to receive a prompting of what to say or ask.  The coolest part, though, is that the companion acting as the investigator is supposed to pause and wait for the Spirit to prompt him as to what that specific investigator would say in that situation.  It seriously works good.  At the LTM, one day I was practicing with Elder Rivis.  I was being one of our investigators, and Elder Rivis asks, “So, how was your meeting with the Bishop?”  Then, he pauses and says, “Wait–did he have a meeting with the Bishop?” I said that he had, which Elder Rivis didn’t know.  Then, Elder Rivis said “Why weren’t you at church last week?”  Again, he then asked, “Uh, was he at church last week?”  I said that he wasn’t.  That was pretty crazy.

The next day, I was practicing with Elder Jackson, and I was teaching him as one of his investigators.  I made a reference to a topic that was covered extensively in the last lesson, of which I had no idea.  Elder Jackson was about to cry, which was pretty cool. And we just heard story after story about lessons going pretty much word for word as they had been practiced during the meetings.  It was really cool.

Well, I’d better get going.  I hope you get this by Saturday.  I hope everything is going good back home.  Let me know if you guys need or want anything.  I love you!


Elder Peper

(Pictures were included in the letter and will be posted soon.)


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