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Who Wants Pie?


Norman is a pretty cool town. This week has been pretty decent. We’re trying to increase our pool of investigators, which is rather difficult. The best way to do this is by member referrals, so what we’ve decided to do is to focus on inviting members to come out and teach with us at every dinner appointment. Hopefully, it will get people excited about sharing the gospel with their friends, thus more investigators. President Taylor came to church at our ward yesterday which was really good. He read a lot of stuff out of Preach My Gospel, and said that our job as missionaries is to teach. He talked a lot about member missionary work and how, ideally, it should be mostly how it is run. He said that a lot of missionaries in Utah cover multiple steaks instead of just one ward because the ward mission is structured really well and, if done right, is way more successful. It should be good.

I like the people in the ward here a lot. The members are really nice and care about us, and the bishop is really cool. He just got called to be the bishop a couple of months ago. We got a copy of a part member list yesterday and are going to contact the families on there this week. If we play our cards right, things should start to pick up little by little.

We are working a lot with one of our investigators who is hoping to get baptized soon. She is really solid and comes to church every week. She is very enthusiastic. I hope that she can get baptized soon.

Friday was kind of a cool day. The Norman Stake put on a show called “Broadway in the Park” wards and members from wards took turn putting on different musical numbers along with costumes and dancing. A lot of hard work went into it, and it was rather entertaining. A few hundred people showed up to watch. I’d say it was really good.

Friday was also Elder Evan’s birthday, so a family took us out to Marie Callender’s for pie. The waiter started off bad, but it just got worse and worse. First off, he brought their little boy water instead of Sprite. Then, he brough us a Raspberry Pie instead of a cheesecake. Then he brought us pie scoops, which were dirty and had just been ran under the faucet. Then, he asked if I wanted more water. I said, “No, thanks,” so he promptly picked up my glass and poured the pitcher of water into it (which was empty.) Then, set my glass down. Since, the pitcher was empty, and my glass remained half full, I guess he did what I asked. Later, he brought back the same pie scoopers (which I’m sure were just run under the faucet.) Oh, Brian, the husband, found a really long hair in his pie as well. Good thing that everyone at that table was extremely patient, because it was a really funny time. Oh, best part at the end JQ, the wife, says to the waiter:

“How long did you say you worked here?”
“About a month and a half, Why?”
“We were just curious.”
“Why? was it bad?”
“It was pretty bad.”

The guy was pretty sad, but it was true. JQ felt really bad because she didn’t mean to say it like that. It was funny, though. Oh well.

Well, I’m not sure what else to say. I hope you’re enjoying your new internet. Love you guys a bunch!

Elder Peper


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