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A Meal From Home

Last week, we received a telephone call from a very thoughtful woman in Elder Peper’s new ward.  She wanted to let us know that our son would be having dinner in her home on Sunday, September 12, and she wanted to make a dish that his family makes at home–something that he really misses and would like to have.  He gave her some suggestions and she called us to get the recipes.

Riley sent us a short note yesterday mentioning that the meal was “really delicious” and “so awesome.”  Today, we received a note from the hostess/chef as follows (she did this for both Riley and his companion and sent the note to both families):

“We had a wonderful dinner on Sunday, and your sons both said that the recipes turned out ‘just like home’. They played a large part in getting dinner on the table that day. The left overs all went home with them!  Thanks so much for sharing!”

She also included pictures:

Elder Evans and Elder Peper

In case you’re wondering, Elder Peper requested Greek Souvlaki with Tzatziki sauce.  Elder Evans requested his mom’s “famous” seed bread and cherry pie.

How grateful our family is for this wonderful sister, and the other kind and giving people who are so willing to provide this type of thoughtful service to our son.


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