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We’ve had a busy and interesting last couple of weeks. Elder Stokes, to much of the dismay of the ward, left on August 9. Everyone in the ward seemed to like him and to care about him a lot. He was an awesome companion. Now, he’s home and is going to school at UVU.

Elder Palmer and I are still in Shawnee, Oklahoma, and are doing really well. A super awesome lady got baptized last Saturday (on the 14th) and she is doing quite well. She was not looking forward to her baptism, however, because her parents weren’t too pleased with her decision to get baptized into the church. They both came to her baptsm and supported her, though. So that was really awesome. Afterward the whole extended family went out to eat, and they invited us to go with them, so we did. I love spending time with them, they are an awesome family. Actually, one of the cousins in in President Gee’s ward in Sugar City, Idaho, and they said that they would say hi to him for us. That was really interesting. So, that all went over well.

Last Tuesday, our car was acting up, and after some time we figured out that is was the alternator that was broken. So, we had it towed to the Toyata Dealership (it was still under warranty) in Midwest City, which is by Oklahoma City. We had exchanges on Thursday, so a really nice member in the ward here, Brother Carter, offered to give us a ride. So, he dropped us off for exchanges on Thursday, and offered to pick us up Friday, and take us to Midwest City to get our car. So, we get to the dealership and they notify us that the car wasn’t ready and won’t be ready until Tuesday. (I had just called them a hour previous to this and they said it would be ready.) So, with that sad news, we headed back home in Brother Carter’s car. Brother Carter asked us how our bikes were and we told them that they needed to be tuned up. So, we took them to his house and worked on them. As soon as we pulled in the driveway, Sister Carter got in the car and drove about 5 feet and the whole front end of the car fell onto the ground. The ball joint broke loose and basically disconnected the wheel from the car. Had that happened on the freeway, who knows what the outcome would have been. Instead of getting mad and complaining that this shouldn’t have happened to him because he had been driving the missionaries around, he said, “Well, I’m glad you guys were with me, so that didn’t happen earlier.” I was amazed, and am conviced that that was no coincidence. That was a neat experience.

Elder Palmer and I gave talks in sacrament meeting on Sunday, and it seemed to go over okay. I haven’t been not nervous giving a talk before. I was still a little nervous, but not that bad at all. I spoke on Preparing for a mission and what I expected a mission to be vs. how a mission really is. It was actually kind of fun.

The investegators in Shawnee are all doing really well. I expect most, if not all, to get baptized someday. They are all serious about learning about the church.

Well, I should get going. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you guys. I love you a ton. See you later.


Elder Peper


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  1. That’s an amazing story about the car. Missionaries (and their families) really do get extra blessings!

    Comment by Geneil | August 16, 2010 | Reply

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