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Loving Shawnee

Hey Guys!

There’s been a lot of stuff going on in Shawnee over the past little while.  This place has definitely grown on me and I’m really glad to be in Shawnee.  It’s one of the prettier places in the mission.

Well, we had Elizabeth’s baptism on Saturday (well, last Saturday) and it was really good.  Elder Stokes baptized her and I had the privilege of confirming her.  That was really a good experience.  Last week she wasn’t at church, so we paid her a visit.  A couple of days before, I guess, she fell and hit her head.  She didn’t know what day it was.  It was really sad, but we gave her a blessing and she was fine after that.  I hear she’s still in a bunch of pain, but we’ll keep checking on her.  She is an awesome lady.

Another one of our investigators has told us may times that she knows the Book of Mormon and church to be true.  I am confident that she will get baptized, but I couldn’t say for sure when.  She is a really awesome person, though.  We have been helping her and her husband hang siding on the house, and it’s looking really good.  We played sand volleyball yesterday with her and her sister, husband and sister’s friend.  It was really fun.

Elder Palmer, our new companion, is a really cool guy.  I knew him because he was in my district when I was in Texas.  I am pretty excited to be able to serve with him.  This transfer should be just fine.

So, we get a call from our zone leaders last week with a challenge to use the Book of Mormon when we tract and try to hand them out (both of which are common sense).  They ask us for our goal.  We said 80.  They weren’t happy about that at all.  They told us to set a realistic goal.  Their goal was 8.  So, we went out on Monday and handed out 25 in about an hour and a half.  It was pretty cool.  We tracted that government housing building, too.  However, I guess that we’re not supposed to tract on government property because we got in trouble.  One lady yelled at us to get away from a door.  She’s not even in charge of anything–just a “concerned neighbor,” I guess.  We were able to hand out 13 before we got in trouble.  They guy who is actually in charge was really nice to us and calmly explained that we couldn’t tract there.  Oh well, we talked to a lot of people there.

We took a lot of cool pictures this week.  I will be sure to send you my memory card once I get all of my pictures backed up.  I’m putting them online.  In fact, I could proably just give you the link for their location.  If I had an extra 8 or 16 GB flash drive (8 would probably do) I could put all of my pictures on Picasa.  I could install Picasa to my flash drive and upload them to Picasa web.   I should be done by next week, so you’ll get your card then.  You’ll just have to exercise some patience, I guess.

So, what’s new with you guys?  Are you excited for Texas?  You’ll have fun at that Astros game.  The Tv was on when I walked into a member’s house the other day, and I saw Lance Berkman hit a grand slam.  I watch only one batter and see that.  It was pretty cool.  So, have fun at the game.  🙂  Thank you for everything.  I love you Tons!  See you next year!


Elder Peper

(2 pages of Scooby-Doo stickers were enclosed in the letter)


August 1, 2010 - Posted by | Letters from Elder Peper

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