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Cheering Section

June 7, 2010

Dear Parents and Families,

I remember chuckling at a Calvin and Hobbs cartoon because it is so descriptive of mortals.  Calvin promised to start doing his homework when the minute hand was on twelve.  Somehow he missed it and it was one minute past twelve.  He concluded he would have to wait until the minute hand got to twelve again before he could start his studies.   President Gee and I have been discussing the reality that there is no perfect time to start homework or to do missionary work.  In the winter it is too cold and holidays interfere.  In the summer it is too hot and people go on vacations.  In the spring there are tornadoes and in the fall there is football.

This week the summer heat started in earnest.  For some it is absolutely draining to be in the heat.  Those on bicycles are earning their bragging rights for the rest of their lives.  Today as we were finishing our morning walk I started to think about the movie, “Iron Will.”  Will is almost to the finish line of the dog sled race and he collapses.  He just can’t make himself go any further.  Then we see the people lined up on the side who are cheering and cheering, trying to help him get moving again.  Finally he drags himself up and wins the race and lives happily ever after.  It is a real “feel good ” movie.  Right now would be a great time to be the cheering section on the sidelines for these missionaries.  Give it all you’ve got to encourage your missionary to just keep moving.  Praise him or her for being such a hero to be doing this work.  I will tell you again they live for the e-mails and for real letters that come in the mail that they can open.  Thanks to everyone, families and friends, who keep the encouragement coming.

We want to remind you again that we are concerned that the missionaries don’t create a financial burden for their families by asking for extra money.  There are enough who make their mission money last that it proves it is possible to live on their missionary support fund.  If you have any concerns about this, please feel free to let us know.  We could keep if confidential if necessary.

Several missionaries have mentioned that their parents might be interested in attending our mission report and are wondering when it will be.  We are scheduled to report on July 11th at 9 a.m. in the Sugar City, Idaho, 4th ward.  We meet in the large gray church located on the main road going through Sugar City.  We will try to arrange a place where we might visit and have a light lunch after the meeting.  We would be delighted to meet anyone who has any interest in attending.

Again we hope you have a great week.  We have been so grateful for the well-being of your families as well as that of the missionaries.

Love, Sister Gee and President Gee


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