Elder Peper

My Mission Experience

Stomping Off (In a Wheelchair)

A representation of Elder Peper hand made by a church member.

May 28, 2010


Today is Delaney’s Birthday, so tell her Happy Birthday for me!  I was able to get the endowment done in the Oklahoma City Temple and I’ve included the temple work card with this letter.

Things are going pretty well here for us.  We were tracting yesterday and had a really good chat with a guy.  He is really interested in what we had to say, and he wants to learn more.  Elder Stokes and I are setting up a scripture study class at the church on one weeknight a week and he said that he would be interested and willing to come.  We end up tracting the same streets that salesmen tract, but they usually end up being returned missionaries.  Weird.

Yesterday was a crazy day.  We went to go check on an old lady in the ward, and she sent us to get her some groceries.  She gave us her checkbook and then informed us that she was overdrawn already.  She also told us that she had a stroke a few days ago, which ended up not being true.  We were concerned about her, as she didn’t seem good.  We called the Bishop who sent her Visiting Teacher to go check on her.  He also told us to give her back her checkbook (she had more than enough food to last until her pay day on June 1).  We went back with her checkbook and explained that  she didn’t need to pay $60 in overdraft fees.  Well, that caused her to get upset and she told us she had overdraft protection which gives her immunity any time she overdraws her funds, but then she said that her bank charges her $15 for going over.  She also stated that she had family that worked at the bank (which I’m guessing isn’t true, but it doesn’t matter).  Anyway, she informed us that she didn’t like to be doubted and she stomped off (or, rather, wheeled off in her electric wheelchair which almost didn’t make it up the ramp in her house because the battery was dying).  Eventually, she let us go to the store for her.  She’s a nice lady and all, but her whole goal in life is to get you to feel sorry for her.  If something bad has happened to you, she will top your sad story.  Her reason for never coming to church is that she is only sealed to one of her sons, and she can’t sing about families being together forever.  We just don’t know what to do for her.

Shawnee is doing well.  It’s actually not too bad of a town.  I like it here, which is good because I’ll probably be here until September 1.

It’s always good to get letters from you.  Keep them coming.  I miss you guys a tons and 100 pounds!


Elder Peper

PS:  It’s a long story about the doll, but a lady made it by hand and it’s supposed to be me.  Madi can keep it in her room or whatever, but don’t let it get ruined.  Thanks!


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  1. Too funny! I loved how the lady “stomped” off in her electric wheelchair! LOL! The handmade doll looks just like Elder Peper 🙂

    Comment by Denise | June 3, 2010 | Reply

  2. I know. His letter made me literally laugh out loud. And Madi loves the doll so much. She misses her brother so much and she keeps holding and hugging the doll.

    Comment by mbpeper | June 3, 2010 | Reply

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