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June 1, 2010

Hey Dad,

Wow! It sounds like a lot has changed in that last month. So, you’re a high priest now. Does that make you feel old? Keep me updated on your new calling. That’s exciting, and I’m sure you will do fine. That doesn’t sound like an easy calling, but it will be good. I’m learning more and more about this ward, and you should be grateful you’re in a wonderful ward like Colville 1st.

The ward here is good, but it wasn’t a few years ago. The bishop from a few years ago left the church. Then, the next bishop was called. He is a really good guy (still in the ward) . . . . This brings us to our current Bishop.  He is an awesome guy. He seems to be quite the good bishop.  The only problem is, he doesn’t belong to the Shawnee ward. He technically lives in another ward, and since not a single person in the Shawnee ward would’ve fit the…um…personality to be bishop he was called, from another ward, to be the Shawnee Ward bishop. I had no idea that that could happen. There are a bunch of normal families in the ward now, but all of them have moved here after Bishop Meyers was called. It seems to be working out now. I think that that whole deal had a lot to do with the activity rates here. The first bishop I mentioned, was actually the Oklahoma City Temple President before he was called to be bishop, and he had a lot of problems with the church. Apparently, a lot of his problems had to do with changes they made in the temple. Anyway, the ward (which is close to becoming a branch) seems to be slowing getting back on track. There really are a lot of wonderful people here.

So, these golf clubs that you bought. What kind are they? If they are Nike or Callaway I’m going to be very upset. (Just kidding, but those are super nice clubs.) Sounds like you’re having fun out on the golf course. I never had the patience to get good at golf.

When I get home, we are going mountain biking. That sounds like fun. I hope you find some cool places to go. You need to find someone else in town who likes to mountain bike and go with them, but I don’t know of anyone.

Things seem to be going pretty well here. We have a lot of less-active and part member families to teach, so that’s good. Part members are usually good, because you know that they have (usually) reliable information and (usually) good support from the members of their families. It’s nice to see when familes become members, and it would be great to see them get sealed.

It’s really awesome to hear that the King’s are going to be sealed together in the temple. I’m so happy for them. Tell them I said hi.

I’m not sure of what else to tell you about, I’m sure glad to be in a car area for the summer months 🙂 . I hope that doesn’t change come transfers. It’s really humid here, but not like Houston. Still, it’s straight 90s and decently high humidity. The humidity is a little lower today, it’s only around 45%, so that’s nice.

Congratulations on everything. Good luck with your calling. I love you!


Elder Peper

PS (from June 1 email message to Mom)

I’m sending off [in the mail] a missionary doll that a member in Manti, Utah made by hand that is supposed to look like me. (Long story, I guess I’ll have to tell you on Christmas 😉 )

Anyway, Madi can keep it in her room or whatever, but it took her a while to make, so I don’t want it ruined.

Also, Janice  [the minister from Burkburnett who was struggling with committing to the gospel] got baptized on Saturday!


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  1. OK, so what is Bob’s new calling?? Do tell!

    Comment by Geneil | June 1, 2010 | Reply

    • 2nd Counselor in the Bishopric.

      Comment by mbpeper | June 1, 2010 | Reply

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