Elder Peper

My Mission Experience


May 31, 2010

Dear Parents and Families,

Today was Memorial Day.  President Gee and I had been vaguely aware of raindrops on the roof for much of the night.   He first went to the computer this morning to check the weather.  According to the weather map, there were no clouds at all above the nearby park where we do our early morning walks.  Even though the sky was full of dark clouds we decided to walk our usual three miles because the computer said we would have no problems.  When we arrived we were the only ones in sight, except for one lone walker way behind us.  He was smart enough to bring an umbrella.  We weren’t.  We had only gone a little way when it started to rain.  I wished I had brought my rain coat.  Before long we were both soaked, including our feet.  We probably made a tactical error in coming.  We were going to be cold and wet.  However, we started to laugh.  We did a short rendition of “Singin’ In The Rain” and even purposely splashed in some of the puddles.  We decided to go around again since we were already as wet as we could be.  It didn’t turn out like we had expected, but now we have a memory that will make us laugh for years to come.

I started to think that this little experience is symbolic of what happens on missions.  Companions start each day with a plan of how things should be and usually it ends up being different.  Sometimes it is miraculous and sometimes it is just frustrating.  No one really plans on getting  doors slammed in their faces, or being told their religion is evil.  However, these experiences, good or bad give them ammunition for stories for the rest of their lives.  It is fun to listen to them chatting about their adventures and misadventures while they are waiting for interviews.  Usually there are a lot of chuckles.  They build each other up with their stories and probably convince each other that they are all having challenging experiences.

One of the training CD’s we listened to as we were preparing to come on our mission was a talk by Elder Wirthlin.  He called it the “Band of Brothers.”   I admit that sometimes I drowsed off as I listened to it because I didn’t understand yet what a bond would form among those who serve together in a mission.  Even if there are frustrating times we will always be connected because we were “soldiers” together and we will always love that feeling of being together.  One of our astute sisters put it this way:  “We are battles.”  It is a quirky little way of describing the Band of “Brothers “(and sisters.)  A lucky few of the missionaries get to go to Fort Sill and help teach the young soldiers who are going through army basic training.  Non-members are often brought to church by their member “battle buddies.”  After the difficult experiences they go through during the week they find comfort in going to a place where they feel safe and loved.  Going to Fort Sill to attend Sacrament Meetings will be a treasured memory for the Gees for the rest of our lives.  Those soldiers are so young.  Anyway, I have thought many times about missionaries being “battles” and the bonds that will last through eternity.

We treasure the bonds we have with the missionaries and their families, including those who have returned home and those who are still on their missions.  We hope they will last forever.

We hope all is well with you.  Have a great week.

Love, sister Gee (and President Gee)


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