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Elder Stokes helping in the tornado clean up effort

Dear Parents and Families,

I guess this will be news headlines from the Oklahoma City Mission.  First about the weather.  Last week there were somewhere between thirteen and sixty tornados.  I did say a lot was happening at once!  There was some bad damage but it was in limited areas.  Several of the missionaries have been doing service this week to help with the clean-up.  The worst damage was in the Norman, Seminole, and Chocktaw areas.  On Sunday we had a pretty intense hail storm in the north of Oklahoma City.  One house had all the windows blown out.  However, most of us never see any of this action.

We are looking forward to our Zone Conferences this week and next week.  Each Zone will be traveling to the church by the temple for their own meetings and also to attend a temple session together.  We know this helps us all be unified and gives us more power in the missionary work.  This will be the last series of Zone Conferences for the Gees.  It feels strange to realize that this mission life we have become so used to is going to end.  However, there are still a few weeks left so we will keep enjoying them and count our blessings.

Next I would like to repeat a little tidbit that I mentioned several months ago, because there have been so many new missionaries come since then.  We think it is very important that the communication between the missionaries and their families be regular and dependable.  Your support means everything to them.  The one thing I figured out since being here that I didn’t know when our own children were serving is the reason why this communication has strict bounds to follow.  The real reason it is controlled is because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to build heavenly communication lines.  They need to learn to depend on Heavenly Father.  Our job as mortals is to allow this to happen and not interfere with unauthorized communication from home that would distract them.  Miracles happen.  I promise you.  It is worth the sacrifice!  Once in a while missionaries still try to communicate with friends or families by breaking the rules.  If your missionary ever does this please help them by telling them you want them to be obedient.  Facebook is against the rules.  No exceptions!

Last I will share one more little miracle from Elders DeWitt and Crawford.  They were getting ready to retire for the night.  At about 10:20 they received a call from a distraught member.  Her grandson, Adrian, had been at her house and had fallen from a second story balcony.  He was at the little hospital in critical condition.  Would they go to the hospital and give him a blessing?  When they arrived they were told only one could go in at a time.  They didn’t know if he would live through the night.  They were waiting for a life-flight to take him to Norman.  Finally someone allowed them to enter his room.  They gave him a Priesthood Blessing and left.  The next day they checked with the grandmother.  Adrian was fine.  Tests showed there was nothing wrong with him.  (A miracle indeed.)

We love being around these wonderful missionaries.  We hope you have a good week.

Love, Sister Gee (and President Gee)


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