Elder Peper

My Mission Experience

Cleaning Up

May 14, 2010


Well, Shawnee didn’t get hit by any tornadoes too hard, but a town just bordering Shawnee did.  We had dinner in that town, Tecumseh.  While we were down there, we saw that there was actually a lot of damage done.  We tried to get close to it so we could get some pictures, but cops were blocking the area with damage.  We decided it would be a good idea to to go down there the next day to help out.  We went to Tecumseh and found out that we needed a work pass so that we could get beyond road blocks.  We did that.  We started out by clearing the limbs and broken trees, but later we found a family whose house was literally half gone with the roof completely missing.  We helped them clean up a lot of their mess.  Their garage was literally a pile on a foundation.  The only time I’ve ever seen anything like it is on the news.  It’s totally different when you see the destruction in person.  I’m just glad that the death toll wasn’t very high.

I still like Shawnee a lot.  People are really nice here.  We’re working on getting more people to teach the Gospel. . . .  I’m doing well.  The members of the ward here are really nice.  I like the people a lot.  It’s beginning to shape into a good area.  I’ve also included some pictures of the tornado destruction in here.  I love you!

Love, Elder Peper


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