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Rotations Galore

May 10, 2010

Dear Parents and Families,

Just this morning I wondered out loud what I could tell you that would be exciting.  It turns out the Oklahoma weather answered the question.  In fact, we probably will make the national news on Tuesday.  Late this afternoon storms started moving through most of our mission.  It gets the heart rate up when the weather people are showing “rotations” on the television.  President Gee was true to form with his remote in one hand and the cell phone in the other.  There were at least four tornados but probably many more.  It was hard to keep track of them because there was so much happening at once.  President Gee and I stood in our garage and watched the golf-sized hail popping all over our yard.  What you really want to hear is that we did a mission-wide check and all the missionaries are safe and sound.  Two of them actually got to see a tornado but they were wise enough to head for shelter.You may see clips on the news.  There was a lot of damage and at least one person was killed.  However, remember they show the worst and most of us are far from the danger and the damage to homes and businesses is small in comparison to those that are untouched.  However, it does make those scriptures about whirlwinds seem more real.

Ecc. 1:6

The wind goeth toward the south, and turneth about unto the north; it whirleth about continually, and the wind returneth again according to his circuits.

We don’t want to worry you but if you watch the news you will see it anyway so we might as well tell you we are all okay.

We almost had another catastrophe.  When I started this e-mail half of the distribution list had disappeared.  Fortunately President Gee found it hidden somewhere in the black hole of the computer.  He gets the credit for this one.

This isn’t a very inspiring message tonight but it is a grateful one.  Once again prayers for the safety of the missionaries were answered yes.  I am sure you are grateful as well.  We hope you enjoyed your calls yesterday.  Have a great week.  They certainly fly by quickly.

Love, President and Sister Gee

Via email today, Riley advised that it was an exciting storm, but he didn’t see an actual tornado.  He is just a few miles from where there was a tornado that touched down.  He says the hail they experienced was about quarter sized.  He also told me that everyone around there was running outside to check it out.  (That sounds safe !  <sarc>)


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  1. Yes, I was thinking about Riley when I heard about the tornados in Oklahoma. Glad the missionaries are all safe. I was also thinking about you Sunday. I remember the anticpation of waiting for that mother’s day phone call!

    Comment by Geneil | May 11, 2010 | Reply

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