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Elder Peper Trivia

After four months on his mission, here are a few interesting tidbits of information I have picked up from Elder Peper:

    • He has already had to replace the shoes we bought him before he left.  We bought a much more sturdy/expensive pair of shoes a couple of weeks ago and we are hopeful they will last a good, long time. It will be interesting to see how long they hold out.
      • Riley spends $3 each week on laundry.
        • He has had to have one of his suits repaired recently as the “pockets ripped out.”
          • It costs them $9.50 in tolls to travel to Oklahoma City for special meetings, plus they use up 300 miles from their monthly mile allotment.  Fortunately, the meetings are well worth the price.
            • The boys do not pay for haircuts.  They cut each other’s hair.  When I asked Riley how he looks, he replied, “Hot.”  I suppose by Oklahoma standards that could be true.  (Just kidding!)
              • Riley’s Grandma and Grandpa Peper write more letters to him than anyone else.
                • There are no attractive girls in Oklahoma.

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