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Costa (Like Costco)

Dear Parents and Families,

Another week has rolled by and it was a great one because we saw the missionaries in so many settings.  First, we welcomed ten new missionaries on Tuesday.  They arrived as every group before them, a little like deer in the headlights but so eager to get going with real missionary work.  They were out doing the real thing by Tuesday evening.  We really initiated them to Oklahoma with bone-chilling wind on Wednesday.  This was transfer day and a large percent of the missionaries were in the parking lot at the Stake Center in Moore to make the switches.  Five of our missionaries returned home on Thursday.  As usual, we wonder how we will get along without them, but somehow we manage to keep going.

Friday was another unexpected bonus to our mission.  We were amazed that only one month after Elder Bednar was with us that Elder Claudio Costa was able to visit for another three hour spiritual feast.  Elder Costa is from Brazil.  He has a delightful accent that makes everything he says seem charming.  He also has a great sense of humor so little bits of laughter spiced up those three hours several times.  He carefully explained that if you can say “Costco you can say Costa.”  It was fun to observe his style which was so different than Elder Bednar’s style, yet was just as spirit-filled.  Elder Bednar used questions and answers almost the whole time.  Elder Costa was more traditional, using most of the time to speak to us.  He had a lot of stories to tell.  There is more than one way to skin a cat and more than one way to feed the Lord’s sheep.  I was especially impressed with how enthusiastic and positive he is.  I found myself hoping that is how Heavenly Father is.  Love is such a motivator.  It just makes you want to do better.  Elder Bednar really did the same thing.  He kept talking about just being a good boy or a good girl.  Elder Costa is one of the seven Presidents of the Seventy.  When the meeting was over the missionaries grabbed a box lunch and the plan was to get them out of there and back to work in a flash.  You can imagine how excited the missionaries were about that plan!  They love to visit with one another.  They were good sports even though they had to be herded out the door.  They were gone about a half hour after the meeting ended and hopefully back doing their missionary work with renewed zeal.

We were so happy the weather cooperated for the Friday meeting because on Saturday we had yet another blizzard.  It snowed all day and created icy, dangerous roads.  It is Monday night and today it felt like spring again.  It was almost warm enough to ditch the suit coats.  The Elders are always happy about that.

Well, that is about it for this week.  I promise that next week’s news will be far more ordinary.  However, it really isn’t ordinary to be involved in building the Lord’s kingdom.  We are privileged and blessed.  We hope you enjoy e-mailing tomorrow.  Your love and encouraging words are so important.  Have a good week.

Love, Sister Gee (and President Gee)


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