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Elder Peper with his District

I heard from Riley today.  Word is that he and Elder Jackson will not be transferred this week and will both be staying in the area to serve at least another six weeks.  Next transfer date is April 28.  He said that they are excited to be staying and the ward members are all happy that they will be around for a few more weeks, as well.  He mentioned that they are completely out of food, though, because they weren’t sure if they would be moving or not so they have a big shopping trip planned today.

He recently wrote a letter to his Uncle Dave and shared the following:

I can’t believe I’ve been on my mission for over three months already.  The time is flying.  I’ve learned so much about the Gospel and about the world in general since I’ve been out here on my mission.  It’s really the best decision I’ve made.  I love spreading the Gospel around to others.

My companion, Elder Jackson, and I have been working really hard and it’s been paying off.  We’ve already got 4 new investigators this week.  Our biggest problem with the investigators is that they won’t act upon their knowledge.  They tell us they know The Book of Mormon is true, but they aren’t willing to come to church.  My companion and I have been discussing ways of how we can tell them how important it is for them to follow through.

We’ve been really blessed this week with weather, as well.  It hit 75 degrees on Tuesday, and it’s been sunny all week.  I also really appreciate the people in Texas and how nice they all are.  I’ve only been sworn at once.  Most of the time, people are really polite to us.  I’m really grateful for that.

My mission, overall, is awesome.  I love it.  I love the people, the area, the work, the weather, and my companion.  I feel like my life has been blessed beyond comprehension.

Anyway, I need to get started on weekly planning, so I’ve gotta get going.  I hope you write me back and let me know how everything is going.


Elder Riley Peper


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