Elder Peper

My Mission Experience


Dear Parents and Families,

Greetings from Oklahoma and Texas.  We hope you are doing well.  Today I have been thinking about something I call trudging.  I became conscious of trudging when I was reading the book, “Fire of the Covenant” by Gerald Lund a few years ago.  The day the handcart pioneers took off there was a feeling of celebration and excitment.  That soon gave way to blisters on hands and feet, fatigue, thirst, and boredom.  They had to trudge and just keep going to reach their destination.

Today was gray, rainy, and dreary.  Only people who truly like to get wet would feel like it was a celebration to go out tracting.  It seems like we are facing more opposition and problems since Elder Bednar’s visit.  By now we should know to expect that because Satan and friends like to answer back.  We have learned that we all have to keep trudging even on days when we don’t feel exuberant about what we are doing.  Today President Gee and I were talking about this and he said, “Something really good must be about to happen.”  We have learned that difficulties often mean there are good things waiting just around the corner.  We have heard that there are family members who are looking forward to missions in the future who read these little messages.  I hope it helps prepare them to know there are trudging days as well as days of  joy.

The rain stopped later in the day and the sun was starting to peak out again.  Spirits lift quickly with a little sunshine or with a little kindness or interest in hearing the gospel.  We constantly marvel that the Lord can use young, inexperienced elders and sisters to successfully carry the gospel message to the world.  There is no logical way this should work but it does.  In the process another generation of faithful church members and leaders is prepared.  We know this is the Lord’s work.  It is a great experience to be observing this on the front lines.  Again, we appreciate your encouragement, support, and prayers.  Your sons and daughters can always use some cheerleaders as they do this work.  For those of you whose loved ones are serving as senior missionaries, we want you to know they are doing wonderful work.  They help in ways only they can do.  Thanks for encouraging them to serve.  Have a great week!

Love, Sister Gee (and President Gee)


March 11, 2010 - Posted by | Letters from Mission President/Wife

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  1. Those sweet young men and women. I’m sure they have a lot more days of “trudging” than they’ll ever admit to. Bless their wonderful hearts!

    Comment by Denise | March 11, 2010 | Reply

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