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Loving My Mission

We received a letter from Elder Peper in the mail yesterday.  It was written on the same day as the email to his Dad that I posted under “My Best Week Yet.”  The family letter shares much of the same information, particularly about the meeting with Elder Bednar, which obviously filled him spiritually and fanned the flames of excitement for the work he is doing.  His letter begins with “I’m absolutely loving being on my mission.”

His new companion is a hard worker with a great attitude and is a good missionary.  Riley shares that after his arrival, “the area just took off.  We went from about 4 investigators to over 12 in just a few weeks.  We have some really good investigators.” He continues, “The only problem with the people here are that most of the people who live here have a religion already, and they’re pretty set in their ways.  For example, we are teaching this family that are Seventh Day Adventist, but they listen to us.  We asked them if they’ve read and prayed about the Book of Mormon.  They said they have.  The Dad said that he didn’t get an answer.  But then he was telling us how it was a beautifully written book and stuff.  He couldn’t come up with anything negative except, ‘I want to stay with my own Bible.’  Elder Jackson told me that he had a witness from the Holy Ghost that the Dad knows it’s true.  His daughter admitted in a roundabout way that she knows it’s true.  So, now they have to be willing to act on their knowledge.  They did invite us to their church the next Saturday, so we went.  That was an interesting experience that really strengthened my testimony.

The meeting we had yesterday with Elder Bednar was awesome.  He is such an awesome guy.  Never again in my life will I be with an Apostle in a group that small.  There were only about 140 people there; not even enough to have to open the overflow.  He shook all of our hands at the end.  It was really awesome.  I learned a lot of cool stuff from that meeting.

It snowed last night, but it melted quickly this morning.  I guess Dallas is only two inches away from breaking their all-time record.  The weather here is crazy.  It’s 20’s one week, 60’s the next, then 30’s the next.  And there are snowstorms and house-shaking thunderstorms tossed in the mix.

Things are going really well here.  I absoutely love being out here.  I couldn’t ever grow as much spiritually anywhere else.

Thanks for being a great family!  I love and miss you.

Love, Elder Peper


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