Elder Peper

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Counting Our Blessings

Dear Parents and Families,

Greetings from cold and windy Oklahoma!  The snow has melted and we even had one beautiful day but it is still winter here. It shouldn’t be long before we get that feeling that spring is around the corner.

I suppose your missionary has told you of our greatly anticipated visit from Elder Bednar next Monday.  We feel that this is like the windows of heaven opening for us.  Elder Bednar is attending a Stake Conference in Texas next weekend and graciously arranged to visit our mission as well.  We are  excited to have him come.  Elder Bednar is the one who set President Gee apart to become a mission president.  He has a special place in our lives and we look forward to having the missionaries get to be taught by him in person.  I thought you might like to share a little of this experience with us.  All of the missionaries have been asked to study two talks that Elder Bednar has given so we can be ready to discuss and learn about faith and prayer.  President Gee will attach those two talks to this message so that if you desire, you can study them as well and then have a great communication with your missionary next week.  I will give you a review of the day in my message next week.

We had a great month for baptisms in January but it looks like we are now feeling the effects of the winter storms and the holidays.  Our baptisms are down to almost nothing.  However, there are serveral people with a baptismal date so we have hope that we will get our momentum back soon.  One of the things we have appreciated during this past year is the faith and prayers of all of you parents and families.  We know that it makes a difference.  We can feel it.  Will you please especially pray for the mission as a whole and your missionary in particular that we can be blessed with renewed enthusiasm and energy to do this work?  Any encouragement you can give as you communicate will be very helpful.  When we were called to this mission I used to be concerned because the number of baptisms is rather low.  I used to think often about how difficult it is to do missionary work here.  As time has passed my outlook has changed.  We are thrilled with the miracles that do happen.  We learn to love those people who can accept the message of the gospel.  We appreciate the blessings we do get and we love the work.  We just want to do the best that we can.  I used to wonder how missionaries could love their mission so deeply when it was so hard to baptize.  Now I know it is because we are doing the Lord’s work and feeling his spirit.

What happens in the hearts of the missionaries is the great blessing of serving.  Getting to teach people is a  blessing in and of itself.

We hope all is well with your families.  President Gee and I pray for you every day.  Have a good week.

Love, Sister Gee (and President Gee)


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