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A Normal Missionary Day

Elder Peper sent a letter dated February 8, 2010, that was received today.  Below are some excerpts:

Hey All!

It’s been 40s and raining here all week, as well.  Too bad you can’t get any snow.  It’s a bummer.  I hope 49N isn’t suffering too much.  I love the pictures of Madi skiing.  I can’t wait to see how good she is getting.  It sounds like she is loving it.

Not too much has been going on here.  I guess I can tell you about some investigators, though I don’t want to bore you too much.  Let’s see.  [The new family we just baptized] are doing really good in the church.  [The mom] got up and bore her testimony.  She said that it was really hard for her to do that, which I could tell because I saw her attempt to get up a few times.  Finally, she did it and it was wonderful.  She has such a strong testimony.  I don’t see her ever going inactive.

. . .

My new Companion’s name is Elder Jackson.  He is 6’5″ and is from Manti, Utah.  He plays basketball and football.  He is a really good missionary.  We’ve been getting along really well so far.  This transfer should go just fine.  FYI, transfer date is March 17, 2010.

. . .

We’re getting fed most every night, which is nice.  I’ve yet to get spaghetti as a meal, but I’ve got plenty of time.  The most common meals here are enchiladas and ordered pizza.  There is a family in the ward that smokes really good BBQ.

Oh, Mom asked about a normal missionary day:  We get up at 6:30 and get ready for the day.  At 8 we have personal study (I’m reading The Book of Mormon and the Bible, and I’m in 3 Nephi and Exodus).  At 9, we have companion study.  We go over lessons plans and practice teach.  At 10, we’re supposed to leave.  Depending on the morning, they can be slow here.  We have appointments and tract the rest of the day.  We usually get home about 9.  We go to bed at 10:30.  That’s about it.

Thanks for writing me and supporting me!  I love you! – Elder Riley Peper


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