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Is There Anything I Can Do For You?

We received the following letter from Sister Gee (the Mission President’s Wife) dated January 25, 2010:

Dear Families and Friends,

It has been a whole month now since our memorable white Christmas storm and the shortest day of the year.  President Gee reminded me today that we have added 25 minutes of daylight since then.  It is far easier to do effective missionary work when it is light outside so we appreciate not only the light but also some more moderate temperatures.  Life is good.

One of the questions that becomes second nature to the missionaries says, “Is there anything I can do for you?”  They ask it all of the time.  There are two dreaded responses and one good one.  The dreaded ones are “No, I don’t need any help from you,” and “Yes, you can help me___________ (fill in the blank) with some disgusting and unpleasant job.”  Cleaning out barns comes to mind.  Sometimes cleaning out houses is almost as bad.  The response the missionaries like is a smile and a willingness to let them do something pleasant to help.  They do all kinds of projects.  Some work in libraries or nursing homes.  Sometimes they can work at a soup kitchen.  The favorite was working at the Family Fun Zone sponsored by the Norman Stake just before OU football games.  They helped with free hotdogs, etc.  Today some missionaries helped with a roof.  They are always helping people move or paint or rake leaves or move debris.  Service is a great friendship builder and it helps fill in time when there aren’t many people available to listen to the gospel.  Over the time we have been here I sometimes get a first hand look at what these missionaries are willing to do.  There will certainly be extra blessings in heaven for some of the projects!

An interesting side effect from some of these projects is wear and tear on missionary clothes.  They are instructed to wear proselyting clothes whenever possible.  They wear their nametags and often just wear old white shirts and worn slacks.  Jeans and t-shirts with the nametag are worn if the job is especially hard.  I have volunteered to do mending jobs for the missionaries.  You would laugh, as I do, at some of the projects they bring to me.  They truly believe in miraclels.  Sometimes they are shredded from bicycle chains.  Often the middle seam is split from the waist all the way down because they lift with their legs spread.  Well, I love a challenge but sometimes I just have to admit defeat.

We are still experiencing miracles.  Some of our missionaries are so “on fire” that we feel like doing a few cartwheels ourselves.  Sometimes they just have to call President Gee and share the news of what a great day they had.  That enthusiasm is contagious.  These little bursts of fire are popping up in many places in the mission.  We start to hear stories like a grandmother suddenly wanting her grandchildren to be taught and baptized or people returning to church after ten years of being less-active.  We love these missionaries and their willingness to do this work.  Don’t get me wrong.  This still is not an easy task by any means.  Everyone gets a turn at having “terrible, horrible, very bad days.”  However, they learn to cope and to not take it personally.  They get so they can take rejection in stride and then love it when people will respond favorably.  The ward mission leaders and other leaders are starting to get the picture of working with the missionaries.  We are making progress.  We are having a good month for baptisms.  Please keep praying for the mission as a whole along with prayers for your own son or daughter.  This is the Lord’s work.  The power is real.  The fulness of the gospel has been restored!  Brigham Young once said that there was a time he would have crawled halfway around the world to find the truth.  We are so blessed to be able to share that truth.  As all our Christian friends would say, “Have a blessed week.”

Love, Sister Gee   (and President Gee)


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