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A Week of Firsts

This has been a week of firsts for Riley.  He performed his first baptism this past Saturday.  He baptized a 10-year-old boy named  Scott.  The mother and sister were also baptized on Saturday.  In Riley’s words, “The baptism was awesome!”

Riley also gave his first talk in church since leaving home. And he gave his first Priesthood blessing.  Here is an excerpt from Riley’s most recent letter dated Jan. 23, 2010:

Well, I have a baptism today for that family of 3.  I get to baptize the boy, Scott. I’m really excited for that.  I have to give a talk tomorrow at the Air Force Base on gratitude.  It’s not too big of a deal.  Last Sunday, we had an investigator come to church. She was going into surgery the next day and wanted a Priesthood blessing.  I was asked to give her the blessing, which I have never done before, so I was a little freaked out about that.  I decided that I would just give her a blessing of comfort and not say that her surgery would be successful or anything.  While I was giving the blessing, I ended up telling her that her surgery would be successful and that she would be fine.  The Spirit told me to say that, and she’s home now recovering from her surgery.  That ended up being quite the cool experience.

Riley also got a new companion this week, Elder Bassett.  This is his first companion change.  It looks like Elder Bassett’s 2 years is up on February 3, however, and he will be going home.  That means Riley will be getting another new companion next week.  It is possible Riley could be transferred to a new area at that time, as well, but he didn’t feel that was a likely scenario.

He mentioned today that the ordained minister they have been teaching has stated that she would like to be baptized.  She has been struggling because she was torn between losing her ministrey and moving forward with what she believes to be true.  They aren’t rushing into anything, but will be taking her to church and continuing to visit with and teach her for the next few weeks before setting a baptism date.  I am sure he will keep us posted.


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