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Elder Peper’s First Zone Conference

Elder Peper is keeping busy in Texas. He attended his first Zone Conference last week. The Mission President’s wife, Sister Gee, sent a letter and explained the Zone Conference as follows:

“We have five zones in the mission that correlate with the five stakes in the mission. Each zone is made up of around four districts. There are usually about 24 missionaries in a zone. The conference goes from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. with an hour for lunch which is prepared by some Relief Society sisters. The missionaries always sing “Armies of Helaman” to thank them for the food and the sisters often wipe a few tears away. The ones who have a son or daughter serving a mission are the ones with the most tears.

“The day is spent with teaching from President Gee, practices led by the assistants and the zone leaders, some health training by myself, messages from the Stake President or counselor, and discussion of a Christ-like attribute. Even though I have been through this so many times, I am still in awe of these missionaries when I watch them practice. This time we had some training on asking meaningful questions. They split into districts and compiled a list of good questions. Then, when they re-assembled, random companionships demonstrated how to do it. In case you wonder, that is hard to do, but they are good sports and they do well. On the spot, without rehearsing, they show how to do the questions and trade off amazingly well. Sometimes the new missionaries are called on. There is no mercy! It sounds like ammunition for a heart attack and maybe it is. It is one of the stressful things of being a missionary but oh how they grow.”

Riley reported that the Zone Conference was good but, still being fairly fresh out in the field, he prefers the daily activities to these long meetings—although he admits he learned a lot. His next Zone Conference will be in 6 weeks.

Elders Peper and Harless have a baptism date scheduled for this Saturday for a woman and her two children (pictured above). They are all very excited about the big day and I expect Riley will have more information and pictures to share next week regarding the baptism. He is also scheduled to speak in church on the Air Force Base Sunday. This is his first church speaking assignment in the field—the first of what will probably be many.

He received his U of U t-shirts in the mail today and is looking forward to wearing one for the weekly basketball game the missionaries hold on their Prep Day. He also let me know that the church members out there are very nice and he and Elder Harless are invited to someone’s home for dinner almost every night. They LOVE and appreciate it. He says he has been busy and hasn’t had much time to write letters this past week, but promised to send a letter out to our family tomorrow. Of course, I’ll post any news as it is received. Until then, thank you all for remembering him in your prayers and for all you do for him.


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