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Riley with his Sisters

Riley with his Sisters

This week’s communication from Riley came in two separate letters—one to each of his sisters.  He included pictures in his youngest sister’s letter, which she was very excited about.  His letter to Laney contained a couple of interesting anecdotes.

One of the stories was about a young family that lives across the parking lot from them within the same apartment complex.  The family consists of a husband, wife and two small children.

It seems the wife had gone to work one morning and left the husband and the children at home asleep.  While they were sleeping, there was a knock at the door, which none of them heard. They were eventually awakened when their apartment door burst open and a number of policemen entered the home with their guns drawn.  I don’t know a lot of the details, but the officers handcuffed the husband and were preparing to take him to jail for trespassing.  They were also going to contact CPS to remove the children, since they would be left unattended.  Apparently, the family had been evicted from the apartment they were living in, but had broken in and had been continuing to live there for the past couple of months.

At this point, the husband called Riley and his companion for help.  The Elders were not at home but returned to the apartment complex as soon as they received the call.  After speaking with the police (at least five officers were still remaining on the scene when the missionaries arrived), the husband was released and Riley and his companion were allowed to transport him and his children to the home of another family in the church.  Those church members paid for a motel room for this young family for the following two nights.  They wife was due to receive her paycheck after that time and would have enough money for a month’s rent then.  Although the details are a bit sketchy, it seems to have been quite an exciting event for Riley, who has never really been involved in a situation that included a lot of police officers and guns.

Riley’s letter to Madi was shorter and suited perfectly for her. He asked all about kindergarten and ski camp and told her about all of the snow they received on Christmas in Texas. He thanked her for her prayers and let her know that he was praying for her, also. She was delighted to have her own personal letter and photos to keep in her room.

Tomorrow is Riley’s Prep. Day and he usually sends an email on that day.  I’ll post an update at that time, if he has anything new to share.


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