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We received a lengthy hand-written letter from Riley yesterday.  It was dated January 1. He reported that he had not yet received our Christmas package as of that time.  However, in his email today, he noted that the package arrived on January 2.  He also received the packages sent by both sets of Grandparents and was very appreciative–noting that Grandma Peper made and sent her delicious cookies.  It seems he and his companion have received a lot of cookies.  Riley advises that they have a bench press in the apartment and are using that, so I needn’t worry about him gaining weight.  Hmmmmm.

We received several photographs today in Riley’s email.  I am unfamiliar with this blog site and all of its inner-workings, but will attempt to upload/post a few of the photos here.  For those of you on facebook, there are a large number of photos posted on Riley’s profile.  It is really fun to see him in his new surroundings.  He looks good and always notes in his letters and emails that he is doing “excellent” and/or “awesome.”

He says the weather forecast in Wichita Falls is calling for more snow (oh, those poor Southern folks), but that the forecast changes constantly so they just never really know. He and his companion are traveling to Oklahoma City tomorrow for meetings with the Mission President. He was bemoaning the trip, as it would cost them 300 of their precious allotted 1100 monthly miles.

He notes that they have 4 baptisms slated for January, and he’s very excited about that.  One of the women that they are working with is an ordained minister and is torn between what she believes to be true and losing her ministry.  She’s a very strong woman, but this is quite a difficult choice for her at this time. She wants to continue meeting with the Elders and working through this challenge, though, at least for now.

He closes his letter with the usual statement, “I love hearing from everyone, so be sure and write often!”


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  1. Love the pictures of your missionary! He looks great! I can see that he’s still the same boy we knew–only taller! I’m glad everyone’s Christmas packages made it. Garrett sent a big pack from Sweden and it was stuck in US customs for a month. Not sure why–it was filled with books and a couple binders of church talks and correspondence that he had collected while in Sweden. Anyway, we were relieved that we finally received it!

    Comment by Geneil | January 10, 2010 | Reply

  2. I’m glad you got it, too. Did it look like it had been opened and inspected? That’s kind of weird.

    Comment by mbpeper | January 11, 2010 | Reply

  3. I think they had opened it and re-closed it. It was taped within an inch of its life and I really doubt that Garrett would’ve used that much tape.

    Comment by Geneil | January 12, 2010 | Reply

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